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Ammonium citrate usage and attention

Ammonium citrate usage and attention


Ammonium citrate : Cas No.:3458-72-8 ,


Ammonium citrate is a chemical reagent, which is usually used more in the production industry. Ammonium citrate is generally white, easily soluble in water, and relatively low in toxicity, but it should be used safely.

一. ammonium citrate usage

1. Ammonium citrate  is mainly used for chemical analysis, industrial water treatment, and petroleum pipeline cleaning.

2. Ammonium citrate can be used in the machinery industry for the preparation of rust inhibitors.

3. The chemical properties of ammonium citrate can be used for the determination of phosphate in fertilizers, and the determination of phosphate and effective phosphoric acid in fertilizers.

4. Ammonium citrate is also widely used in the electroplating industry and can be used as a complexing agent for non-cyanide electroplating.

5. Ammonium citrate has low toxicity and is relatively stable and is also used in the food industry.

二. Precautions for the use of ammonium citrate

1. Ammonium citrate is more susceptible to moisture and should be sealed in a dry place for storage.

2. Ammonium citrate has a relatively low melting point and will decompose under slight heating or direct sunlight. Therefore, please avoid fire sources during use, keep it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

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