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Food grade potassium metaphosphate

Food grade potassium metaphosphate


Product name :  Potassium metaphosphate

Formula: KPO3

Molecular weight: 118.07




Character: It is colorless crystal or white powder.Hardly soluble in water and easy soluble in acid. Relative density is 2.45. Melting point is 807℃。

Usage: In food industry, it is used as emulsifier, humectant, sequestrant, stabilizing agent, Tissue improver, binder, stabilizer, color protecting, antioxidants, preservatives, It is mainly used in meat products. Cheese and evaporated milk.

Packing: 25kgs kraft paper bag line with PE bag

Storage: It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse, Kept away from heat and moisture during transportation.Unloaded with care so as to avaoid damage. Furthermore, it must be stored separately from poisonous substances.


Specification  FCC VII E452(ii)
Content (As P2O5),w/% 59.0-61.0 53.5-61.5
Arsenic (As),mg/kg           ≤ 3 3
Fluoride,mg/kg               ≤ 10 10
Heavy Metal (Pb),mg/kg      ≤ ———— ————
Insoluble Substances,w/%      ≤ ———— ————
Lead (Pb),mg/kg             ≤ 2 4
Mercury(Hg),mg/kg           ≤ ———— 1
Cadmium,mg/kg              ≤ ———— 1
Loss on Ignition,w/%          ≤ ———— 2
PH value (10g/L,25℃) ———— Max 7.8
Cyclic phosphate,w/%         ≤ ———— 8
viscidity 6.5-15cP ————


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