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calcium acetate monohydrate

calcium acetate monohydrate



Calcium acetate monohydrate


Molecular weight:176.18

Cas No.:5743-26-0


Character: Calcium acetate mono is white powder or granular ,odorless, slightly biter, easy to absorb moisture, soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol.When heated to 160 centrigrade, it decomposed into acetone and calcium carbonate.

Packing:25kgs/bag , for granular 20'fcl put 16mts without pallet, for powder 20'fcl put 12mts without pallet

Usage: (1) Used in analytical reagents; organic synthesis; printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical industries, or as food stabilizers; chelating agents; fungicides; buffers; flavoring agents; corrosion inhibitors.
(2) Used as a mildew inhibitor, stabilizer, buffer and flavoring agent. Calcium acetate is also a good food calcium fortifier, and the absorption effect is better than that of inorganic calcium. It can be used in foods for infants and young children, with a usage amount of 3.0-6.0g/kg (calculated as elemental calcium, the same below); in cereals and their products, it is 1.6-3.2g/kg.
(3) Used in chemical analysis, synthesis of acetate, preparation of acetic acid and acetone, food stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Parameter Standard Test
Description White powder with good flowing. confirm
Assay ,≥% (on the anhydrous basis) 99.0 99.2
PH (5% Solution 25 ℃) 6.3-9.6 7.8
Test for acetate Passes test Confirm
Test for calcium Passes test Confirm
Loss on drying, %≤ Not more than 7% 5.5
Fluoride (F), ppm≤ 50 <50
Heavy Metal (as Pb), ppm≤ 10 <10
Arsenic (As), ppm ≤ 2 <2
Chloride(CL), %≤ 0.05 <0.05
Sulfate(SO4), %≤ 0.06 <0.06

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