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Calcium chloride dihydrate

Calcium chloride dihydrate

2018.12.28 Chloride 193

Calcium chloride is an inorganic salt, which exists as solid or liquid. Solid calcium chloride is a white, crystal substance in the form of flake, granule, pellet or powder. With different crystallized water contents, it can be dihydrate or anhydrous. Liquid calcium chloride is a colorless, clear solution. As calcium chloride has such properties as quick dissolving, exothermic ability, attracting moisture from the air and surroundings, dissolving at very low temperature.


Item  Standard
  74% Flakes/Granular 77%   Flakes/Granular
Calcium chloride as CaCl2  ≥74%  ≥77%
Total alkali chloride as NaCl  ≤7.0%  ≤5.0%
Total magnesium as Mgci2  ≤0.5%  ≤0.5%
Alkalinity as Ca(OH)2  ≤0.4%  ≤0.4%
Insoluble in water  ≤0.3%  ≤0.2%

1. They are widely used in highway, expressway, parking lot and port to melting snow and ice.

2. Used as dryer, as anti-fog, and anti-dust agent also fireproof agent.

3. Protective agent and refining agent for petroleum/oil field.

4. Pigment assistance agent of textile. It is a kind of raw material.

5. It acts as flocculation in water treatment.

6. Be used in waste paper processing as removing printing ink agent.

7. As anti-freezing agent.

8. As dehydration agent.

9. Food additive: as cryogen are used in ice cream, as stable agent/coagulant used in bean products, drink and beer.

Packaging & Shipping

Calcium Chloride is packaged in 25kg/1000kg PP Woven sacks with plastic liners, or as per customer's request.Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed and away from incompatible materials. Prolonged storage may cause product to cake and become wet from atmospheric moisture.

Safety and Handling

Calcium chloride when in solution form is a strong salt solution. Protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye protection are recommended. Rubber safety boots should also be worn in work areas, since calcium chloride can damage leather. This product should be handled in areas with proper ventilation. Before using this product, refer to the MSDS for complete safety and handling guidelines. For proper disposal guidelines for calcium chloride wastes, consult the appropriate local regulatory authorities.

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