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zinc acetate dihydrate
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1.Chemical name: Zinc acetate dihy
2.molecular formula: Zn(CH3C0O)2·2H2O

3.CAS: 5970-45-6

4.Appearance:White crystal

5.Properties:Single white inclined flake crystals, with pearly luster, microstrip acetic acid flavor.

6.Use:Used as catalyst, polyvinyl acetate ethylene production, printing and dying mordant dyeing, medicine astringent, wood preservers, porcelain glaze materials etc.


Test item Specification
Reagent grade Pharmaceutical grade
Appearance Conform Conform
Assay /% ≥99.0 ≥98.0
Clarify degrees test Conform Conform
Water insoluble/% ≤0.003 ≤0.005
Chloride (Cl)/% ≤0.001 ≤0.002
Sulfate (SO4)/% ≤0.002 ≤0.01
Ferric (Fe) /% ≤0.0002 ≤0.001
Arsenic  (As) /% ≤0.00002 ≤0.00005
Lead (Pb)/% ≤0.002 ≤0.01
Vulcanization ammonium not sediment /% ≤0.1 ≤0.2

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