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Calcium Citrate powder
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1.Formula :Ca3(C6H5O7)2·4H2O
2.Formula wt: 570.50
3.CAS: [5785-44-4]  EC:212-391-7
4.Specificity:White powder, odorless, slightly deliquescence, difficultly soluble in water(0.095g/100mI 25℃), almost insoluble in ethanol, When heated to 100℃,it may lose crystal water, when heated to 120℃,the crystal will lost water completely.

5.Usage: Act as chelant, buffer, coagulant and calcareous intensifying agent in food industry. It is chiefly used in bakery, dairy and beverages industries.

6.Packing: In 25kgs net paper bags lined with PP bags.

7.Storage and transport: To be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse. Handle with care; Keep away from moisture, heat and poisonous substances

Test parameter Specifications Results
Color & Clarity of  Solution


Pass test Pass test
Identificaton Pass test Pass test
Content % 97.5-100.5 99.12
Loss on drying % 10.0-13.3 10.36
Acid Insoluble substances%≤ ≤0.20 0.08
Fluoride             ppm ≤  30  15
Arsenic              ppm≤ 3 <3
Lead                ppm≤ 10 <10
Mercury              ppm≤ 1 <1
Oxalates            ppm≤ 100 <100
Heavy metals(as Pb)  ppm≤ 20 <20
Readily carbonisable substances No deeper than standard


No deeper than standard


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